Karpaty about 2021


Karpaty Cabinets carries its roots from the heights of the Carpathian mountain range in Ukraine. With a tradition deeply steeped in our ancestral home, this family-ran business takes woodworking seriously and approaches it with great respect.

At Karpaty we use natural materials to create clean and timeless design placing human integrity at the center of it. Wood, as the essential part of each unique piece and structural interior element, is often complemented by other natural materials such as stone, metal and glass that will ennoble and elevate your home.

Thinking in terms of the old craft of cabinetry making while working tirelessly to connect the beauty of the past and the simplicity of the modern times - we strive to create spaces that you can live in, with perfect coherence.

Quality as an imperative
Timelessness, not trend
Useful and beautiful can live together
Natural materials inspire pure living
Simplicity as a way of distinction
Tailored to the individual
Soul at the center of design
as an aesthetic affinity